YM Education

Greetings!We warmly welcome your visit to the website of YM Education.

YM Education is a private language institute and study-abroad consultant with the goal of nurturing talents in the era of globalization. We have established the Korean language institute in Haiphong, Vietnam in cooperation of the University of Sogang of Korea. YM Education aims to achieve the following goals:


YM Education actively attracts international students to Korea for their successful academic outcome and also spearheads the globalization of Korean universities.


YM Education provides its curriculum for international students seeking jobs overseas and plays a leading role in promoting Korean language education and international educational exchange.


YM Education offers well-established Korean language education with the regular courses at the Korean language institute through opportunities of studying in Korea in order to nurture industrial talents who will play an excellent role in the communication with Korean companies entering the Vietnamese market.

YM Education

provides information on studying in Korea and Korean universities through the study-in-Korea support system with the help of Korean universities. Also, our online one-stop administration service enables online admissions application and online registration of Cyber Korea Study Abroad Fair.

We at YM Education will further our efforts to develop and use more sophisticated programs to provide upgraded educational administration services.