Studying in Korea

Visa Information

  • Eligible Subject

    • Students with graduation certificate of high school or higher educational institution
    • Students who has graduated from high school or higher educational institutions in the last three yearsor less
    • Students who has experienced Korean culture for 3 years or longer
  • Application Documents

    • Three 4 X 6 white background photos
    • Identification of parents and students (with pictures notarized)
    • Family Photo
    • Birth Certificate (Copy)
    • Employment Certificate (Original Copy)
    • Qualification (TOPIK)
    • Academic Transcript (High school, University) (Original Copy)
    • Passport (Original Copy)

Procedure Flowchart

  • Step 01

    Submission of application documents

  • Step 02

    Payment of application fees

  • Step 03

    Examination of documents

  • Step 04

    Announcement of acceptance

  • Step 05

    Payment of registration fees

  • Step 06

    Transmittal of admission letter

  • Step 07

    Application for visa

  • Step 08

    Confirmation of visa application

  • Step 09

    Entry to Korea

  1. Submission of application documents
  2. Payment of application fees
  3. Determination of admission after document examination
  4. Personal notification of result of document examination
  5. Payment of registration fees by the deadline after receiving the admission notice
  6. Individual transmittal of letter of admission via international post (EMS) after confirming the payment of registration fees
  7. Application of visa to Korean Embassy (or Consulate General) in Vietnam
  8. Notification on result of visa application to YM Education
  9. Entry to Korea